За наградата „Анастас Карастоянов 2019”

INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION FOR THE NATIONAL PRIZE in Black and White Photography “Anastas Karastoyanov” 2019

Municipality of Samokov officially announces international Black and White photography COMPETITION for the National Prize “Anastas Karastoyanov” 2019.


  • Participation

 The competition is free to enter and open to all professional and amateur photographers from all over the world.

The participation is free of charge. The organizers cover all expenses for copying the selected photographs, which will be exhibited during the awarding ceremony.

Jury members, competition organizers or their relatives are not allowed to participate.

  • How to participate?

Black and white photographs in the categories listed below are allowed to participate in the competition:

  • Portrait
  • Nature
  • Street photography
  • Sports
  • Act photography
  • Experimental photography

The photographs should be sent in digital form on the following e-mail: photographysamokov@gmail.com.

 Participants can enter maximum 5 photographs in each category.

A jury of 5 professionals appointed by the Mayor of Samokov Municipality ranks the photographs.

  • Prize / prize money

The prizes of the competition “Anastas Karastoyanov” 2019 are as follows:

  • Statue “Anastas Karastoyanov” – Winner / First place
  • Diplom / Certificate – all participants
  • First place - 1000 BGN or 500 Euro
  • Second place - 500 BGN or250Euro
  • Third place - 300 BGN or 150 Euro


  • Deadlines and stages of the competition

First stage

Submitting the photographs for the competition: the photographs should be submitted on the e-mail:photographysamokov@gmail.com in the period May, 1st until October, 15th 2019.

Second stage

Selection and ranking: October, 15th – October, 30th 2019.
In the second stage the jury makes the selection and ranks the photographs. The jury ranks the photographs within a total anonymity of the authors.

Third stage

The official awarding ceremony of the National prize for photography “Anastas Karastoyanov” 2019 will be held during the final exhibition on November, 22nd 2019 in the Art gallery “Prof. Vassil Zahariev” in Samokov.

  • Photography requirements


  • Copyright, theme, content

Every participant should own the copyright of his entries for the International photography competition organized by the Municipality of Samokov.
The organizers have the right to exclude photographs which does not correspond the requirements, violate the ethic code or the law, or are undermining the prestige of the competition.
The organizers are not responsible for violation of the copyright. The responsibility lies within the participants.
By submitting the photographs the author gives the organizer the right to use freely the photographs for promoting the competition, including them as a part of catalogues, calendars etc., which are issued without commercial purposes.
Integral part of the photograph is the name of its author.
The participation itself shall be deemed an official understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions above.

  • Form and technical requirements
    • photographs should be JPG files;
    • the print files should have an ICC profile attached, maximum quality, minimum compression, dimensions – min. 200 DPI and 3000 pixels on the long side;
    • the photographs sent should meet the technical print criteria A3+ (33/48 cm)


Each photograph should have the following information:

  • name of the work;
  • information about the author;
  • first name, family name;
  • phone number and e-mail;
  • short CV